Over the past 6 months, I wrote bi-monthly blogs about the city of Indianapolis for Global Site Plans blog site, called ‘The GRID’. All of the topics include things related to urban planning and the future of the city. All blogs are linked below, in the order they were published.

Bike Sharing’s Coming to Indianapolis

6 City Features That Make Indianapolis Great

Indianapolis’ Market Days Benefitting Businesses & Community

Indy Connect Plan Looks to Bring More Transit Options to Indianapolis

Cultural Districts Offer a Unique Way to Brand Indianapolis Neighborhoods

Abandoned Minor League Stadium Revamped to Serve as Apartments

Velocity Targets Four Core Groups in Indianapolis’ Comprehensive Plan Process

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail: One of the City’s Greatest Achievements

‘People for Urban Progress’ Repurposes Indianapolis’ RCA Dome

Using Sports for Urban Planning? How Indianapolis, Indiana Became the ‘Amateur Sports Capital of the World’

12 Years Later “How Cities Work” is Still a Must-Read

Super Bowl 46 Spurs Development & Change in Indianapolis

A Farewell to The GRID, from Laura Granieri

This experience has taught me so much about blogging and about the new city that I call home. I hope to continue to blog about important events happening around town when I have free time!